One-time Donation

One year wanes and the New Year approaches. We are grateful for the multidimensional and multi-generational blessings of our vibrant, heart-centered, and soulful community. Can you believe Kol Hai will be three years old this December?! We are nurturing plans for our continued growth. To help move things forward, we are introducing a new membership model.  

One dollar a day per person. Deepen your daily practice by fostering that which sustains life. Give with the joy of knowing that you support a living, spiritual community.

We offer no “family memberships”. We’re witnessing an evolution of what is means to belong. Our technologies are spreading us further apart and yet bringing us closer to one another more readily than ever before. No matter where you live, or whom you live with, you can express your belonging to this community by participating and by donating.

Click here if you would prefer to make a recurring donation.

If you would prefer to give offline, checks made payable to Kol Hai can be mailed to:

PO Box 752
41 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561

Who's donating: from New paltz, NY donated. Thank you!